calabria – 20092nd entry – calabria 2009

old-picI’m beginning this trip on my own. Rose and Derrick will join me the second week.

The black-and-white images I am using for these initial posts are off the web.

Draft Itinerary

Wednesday, August 5, 2009: Arriving LaMezia Terme, Calabria
Depending on time of arrival, I will either drive into Aprigliano or stay overnight in LaMezia. (I’ve decided to stay overnight and not risk driving to Aprigliano at night.)

Thursday, August 6: Aprigliano
This first day, I’m planning to get situated and to walk around with my camera.

Friday, August 7: Aprigliano
I’ll begin a methodical route to shoot as much of Aprigliano as I can. I may go to the cemetery in the morning.

Saturday, August 8: Aprigliano
This will be the first trip out. I may either go to La Rota or I may go on to Paola.

Sunday, August 9: Aprigliano
I will go around to all the churches that are open to shoot inside.

Monday, August 10: Cosenza
Want to visit with Franco and shoot at the Domenican and Fransciscan churches that I didn’t get to in 2006.

Tuesday, August 11: This will be my last day in Aprigliano before I head down to Reggio.