at the detroit airport6th entry – calabria 2009

Scandale in una foto d'epocaModern technology. Here I am at the Detroit airport in the business lounge with connectivity.

I left Pittsburgh this morning at 9:30 mainly because I wasn’t sure about getting here and finding everything. Well, I got here in 4 hours and am now waiting until 7:00 PM to board, but that’s OK, I’d rather be early than stress.

Security was OK, the camera and lenses went through with no problems. The new bag is great it has the room for all the electronics.

This is my first time in the business lounge and I have to say it makes the layover OK. There’s food, connectivity, electricity and comfort. Who would have thought that I’d have the laptop and connectivity? I should be able to find the same services in Rome another place where I have a 4 hour layover.