3rd entry – maine 2009

Since Calabria, I have invested in a new camera case with wheels and a small luggage cart. Tonight I tried packing my camera equipment into the new case, but I don’t like it. Also this trip doesn’t have the lay-overs of the trip to Lamezia, so I’m going to use my large shoulder bag. The luggage cart will be fine; I tried it out.

But, I’ll carry the case. Again I’m going from home to the airport, to the gate and then I’m getting picked up at the other end. I also learned in Rome that an airport luggage cart is fine. Once I swallowed my pride and started using the airport luggage cart, having the shoulder bag was not a problem.

The weather for south-eastern Maine is variable, it’s a wait and see thing.

Shooting in Maine

  • I am probably not going to bring a tripod.
    (This is the next thing I have to figure out. Does a strong collapsible tripod exists?) My whole time in Calabria and I used the tripod a couple of times. I lugged it across the ocean and through airports just to use it a couple of times.

  • Most of my work in Calabria was hand-held. I’m finding that I do best with a tripod when I know the area and the environment.
  • I’m preoccupied with figuring out how to shoot nature and make it look like a structure. I practiced this at Ohiopyle last week. (I’ll write more about this after Maine.)

    Ohiopyle 019

  • It’s easiest the shoot nature as structure when I’m working with a man-made object. The supporting arch is not nature, rather it sits in nature.

    Ohiopyle 030

  • For me, the rocks, the log, the water are structures. Can I get away with this designation?