DSC_1313This is one of my favorite images – Seane, Connie and Christian.

The light-green finger, the white tank-top, the blue hair-clip, the black hollow, the sun tanned shoulders, the brown T, the yellow-green leaves, the grey culvert, and the checker-board shadows; Sean protecting, Connie leaning, Christian walking over; serendipity.

Northern Ontario, in early August, still has a summer sun. The evenings are deep-red and soft. Twilight lingers.

It was Christian’s birthday, we had just finished eating and went walking in the evening light; three of us led by an adventurous aunt.

When they got to the culvert, they walked right out onto it. As the reporter and interpreter, I can assign motivation and action to the characters in the image – Connie needs to see what is in the water; Sean is hesitant and cautious; she’s trying to make sure her aunt doesn’t tip into the stream; Christian meanders; the uncle stays back, pushing the shutter-release.