blueberries 052a

The blueberry patch is speckled with berries. It seems to be a good year for figs, berries and grapes. All three are abundant and ripening. (The berries are first, next will be the figs, but the grapes won’t be ripe until fall.)

There are eight bushes in all, four of which are over twenty years old. They were some of the first plants I put into the garden that are still there. I build the bed they are in specifically for the blueberry plants. Also, the plant is beautiful in the fall. Its leave turn a yellow orange.


I took out the micro lens and rooted in among the blueberries. I always like shooting with this lens, it can make the tiny fruit look like giant hot-air balloons. The lens allows me to almost touch the fruit. And I generally shoot flowers with it, but this time I turned it on the blueberries.

The dogs love the blueberries. The female insists on going out every hour so that she can beeline right to the berries and rip and swallow as many as she can before I get there and push her away from her prize. She started back in March with the blossoms. And now that the fruit is ripe, she has made it her mission to eat as many as she can sneak.