Spent the weekend visiting in Toronto. No snow and no miserable winter weather.

Thormans 029

Today was sunny and balmy, so I decided to head down to the small watershed park behind the Thorman’s. Looking up at the house its clean lines were lost in the brown of dry leaves and the bare of winter branches. But the sun caught the back of a dead leaf and for a shutter second gave it life, painting it summer-yellow.

The misty house in the background, the leaves and the branches in the foreground create a New England landscape in suburban Toronto.

Yesterday, had dinner at Frank-and-Norma’s. The before dinner treats included roasted chestnuts. (David, their oldest, and I polished them off.) The main course was roasted goat, oven-roasted potatoes, green beans and salad. (The goat-and-rosemary was a recipe from Frank’s mom.) Dessert was prickly pears and poppy-seed cake.

Daniel and his girlfriend joined us for dinner. He’s working on a documentary for his final project in his journalism program.