Today on my way home I had the D700 with an old, used 70-210, f/4.5 lens. (A great piece of glass.) I’m having to learn this lens, because there is no manual. So every chance I get I shoot with it.

Also, I’m shooting Manual, but that is somewhat misleading given that the lens a fixed f/4.5. The image on the right is really a slice of a larger shoot. I was trying to capture that fading sun, but in the larger image the surroundings just got blacked out. And in the center of the black was this soft silhouette. (The only thing I did in Photoshop was crop it to its current size.)

I was on the Fort Duquesne Bridge going home to the North Side and I looked across and saw the sun coloring the tops of the buildings over in Allegheny West. (The buildings are on the horizon.) The steeple is Calvary United Methodist a Tiffany decorated church. (It looks like a European landscape.)