Dec29 009I missed both recent storms.
Today the snow started coming down early and by the afternoon had left very pretty images. (I’ve been waiting a long time to get a picture of birds in a leafless tree and today I got it.)

Throughout the trip to Sault Ste Marie and then home, snow-covered landscapes made for beautiful scenes. Going up the snow-laden evergreens south of Gaylord were amazing. There were places where I was driving through tunnels of snow-covered trees. On the home trip, the fields of north-western Ohio were blanketed in wisps of snow. All remnants of the first two winter storms. And yet how is something so pretty, so difficult to live in? I hate shoveling driveways; I hate cleaning the car of snow and scraping the windows of ice; I hate the parking on city streets clogged with snow; and I hate the cold. (And yet, I remember a time when winter was about playing hockey on school-rinks and snow-covered streets, going tobogganing down Garson’s Hill, going cross-country skiing at Hiawatha Park. Now, I count the days until I leave for Kaua’i.)