Tues-16 250distesi al sole 6th entry – kaua’i 2013

The North Shore was ablaze today. (The image, shot from the lanai at the condo, is the sunset over Hanalei Bay.)

I spent the morning at the Princeville Botanical Gardens shooting the amazing flowers and native plants. I have all these images for a new gallery. It will be my first flowers gallery in several years. It was a great tour with information on local flora and fauna and a chocolate tasting lesson. The family that owns the land is beginning to grow cocoa and making their own chocolate. The lesson had us tasting various chocolates and trying to identify the surrounding plants, because they gave the cocoa bean an added flavor marker. My favorite was dark chocolate from E. Guittard a San Francisco based chocolatier.

In the afternoon, I joined the One-percenters at the pool – distesi al sole.