Emery-H 337now in the fading light of day emery house – spring, 2013

The western sky glowed with the setting sun. We had just sung Compline and I was walking the road back to the cottages and decided that I needed to shoot the evening clouds. Clouds laced with the fading light of day.

After Compline, The Great Silence begins. There’s a map in the office of Emery House designating the area where The Great Silence is to be observed. (Did the monks in medieval Europe have a map delineating where one could talk?) It’s amazing to me that I am on a 150 acre farm north of Boston, in Yankee, Protestant New England following Catholic monastic rhythms.

maker of all to you we pray. that with your ever watchful love, you guard and keep us from above.
help and defend us through the night, danger and terror put to flight. never let evil have its way, preserve us for another day.