One would think that this photo-essay would be a default, and yet it’s taken me three years to create a page on the flowers of Kaua’i. (I suspect that one reason this essay is now here is that I wanted to add to the flowers archives.) These images really represent all three visits. And even though we went to the botanical garden this year, many of those shots ended up in the gallery.

I’m surprised to find that the plumeria and bugenvilija images (first picture in each row) from the 2011 trip have not been duplicated. Neither last year, not this year did I have the opportunity to shoot similar plants. On our drive south to Waimea Canyon, we passed these cascading mounds of bugenvilija, but there was no way of getting to them and my telephoto lens couldn’t do them justice.

My favorite image is the second one in the first row. This is a coffee plant. And for an avid coffee drinker and someone who likes all things coffee-flavored, seeing the plant live was great.

(The thumbnail links to a large image.)