daylight savings time

Nov-13 026It’s that in between time when the morning sun wakes late and falls back below the horizon by 5:00 in the afternoon. Soon, both my morning walk to work and my trek home will be in the dark; soon the reds and yellows will be gone and bare trees will line the mountain side; soon the fountain at Point State Park will be turned off; soon December will clock the season and end the interim. And spring will be a longing a hunger consuming my winter nights.

The above image was taken early in the morning on my way into work. I am on the foot-bridge that connects the Northside to Point State Park. It’s such a common shot that I concentrated on altering the image rather than reporting what the camera saw. The picture is heavily Photoshopped – the apartment building that cascades down Mount Washington is clone-stamped out as are the entrance to the Fort Pitt Tunnels, the highway signs on the bridge and the light on the fountain pumping station. (When the electricity runs out and the new dark ages come, will some archeologist find this image on a working server and spend all his time trying to figure out why the bridge leads into the mountain side?)