from win and lose and still somehow it’s life’s illusions i recall

Nothing is reliably known of St. Valentine except his name and the fact that he died on February 14
on the Via Flaminia in the north of Rome. In Le Marche on our way in and out of Fossombrone,
we travel the state highway – Strada Provinciale 3, SP3 – that parallels the old Roman road.

Feb2014 034

This year the Valentine gifts were reduced, intentionally. And yet, I came down this morning and my office space was all dark except for this red glow. A string of chirtmas-tree-like-lights, with heart shape illuminations, was strung across my desk. And a French porcelain bowl sat next to my keyboard. There were other hear-shaped objects scattered on my desk.

I am more interested in the fact that February 14 marks the beginning of the last leg of winter.
I’m counting the days until the spring equinox.