the right-side of the back-yard

It began with me shooting the new pebbles at the bottom of the Japanese lilac. Used the D800e for the initial shoot, but didn’t like any of the images. Decided to try the 12-24mm lens and see what I could get – the whole right side.b-yard

L2R – begonia, mint, calla, vase with marbles and copper-butterfly, herbs, eggplants, annuals, sunflowers, sprite and lilac trunk

It’s taken almost a month to get it all done. The expense this year was the plants, everything else I had. No wait, it cost me $25 to get a hole drilled in the bottom of the glass tube and although I had a bunch of marbles at my office, I did have to buy two more packages to fill the vase. The mint, calla lily and sunflowers are new this year; and because the sunflowers went into the ground, I didn’t need any new pots.

While planting the sunflowers, I found all the dead fig-tree roots and the old cement floor that’s under the white stone. I realized that the fig-tree roots were all above the cement which explained why the roots froze. Rose-and-Derrick’s trees froze but new shoots came up; so also Rick-and-Sarah’s tree got new shoots. I suspect that because the roots of my fig-trees never made their way below the cement pad and away from the bitter winter cold they had no protection from the extended freeze.