espresso-pot and rosessunrise – 7:26     sunset – 5:43
winter countdown – day 47 of 90

rosesThe coffee-pot my mother brought with her when we came from Aprigliano in 1957. She packed it, six espresso cups with saucers in a trunk. I inherited the set a couple years ago. Fifty-eight years has not worn the gold plating on the handle and spout, but it has worn the black ink design on the body of the pot. (It’s a very common design and you can still find the coffee set all over Italy.)

The roses come from a vendor outside of Penn Mac. He was trying to sell off what he had, because the cold was keeping people home and the roses were beginning to suffer. I got two bunches for $3.00. (He was so busy reminding me that in two weeks the same bunch would go for $20.00 that neither he or I realized I had picked out a small and a large bunch. When I was putting them in the water, I noticed that the yellow roses were much bigger than the red ones.)

I paired the roses with a series of 6 other objects.

Top Row
creamer – salt and pepper shakers – copper pitcher
Bottom Row
candle – water pitcher – perfume jar

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