arturo’s graduation from becker

arturo 036Over the weekend, Sarah, Rick and I traveled to Worcester to attend Arturo’s graduation from Becker College. Over 300 kids graduated and they were able to keep the ceremony down to 2 hours. The ceremony was not very interesting, the head of Aetna gave the commencement address and she was very poor. (It was hard to believe that this person ran a multi-million dollar corporation.)

The night before, we had attended the Honors Convocation at Becker’s Leicester Campus. Arturo graduated Cum Laude. Arturo came to Becker from San Diego State and he had a great college experience. (The food at the reception was excellent.)

It was interesting to be back in New England for a college graduation ceremony. No one misbehaved, no one screamed, no graduate danced across the stage. It was all so correct. And that was good, because Arturo is someone who would have frowned on bad behavior. (The Boston area has the same frenetic energy as New York City. And when I’m sitting in the plane getting ready to take off, I’m glad to leave the intensity behind.)

The image on the left – Ryan Oliver, Mario Zinga, Arturo Nieto, Rick Wertheimer – the principals from City High. (Ryan is Arturo’s uncle and the main support behind his Gates Millennium Scholarship and his guide when he transferred from San Diego State to Becker College.)