off the silverado trailsan francisco – 5th entry

canvasWe spent the day in the Napa Valley. We went to two vineyards, the first one because of its art collection, the second one because of the tram.

The above image is of the canvas awnings in one of the wine tasting areas.

Some of my favorite things about Napa:
– Finding out that the valley runs east and west. This allows the hot winds from the desert to blow into the valley. It was so warm, we were glad to have AC buildings to go into.
– The valley topography is obvious and the flats are covered with grapevines.
– The Christian Brothers have a Novitiate in the Valley and at one time they had one of the largest wineries in the Valley. They made Christian Brothers Brandy.
– The wineries on the Silverado Trail are better.

I did hate the traffic on 29 especially through St. Helena.