just remembering you’ve had an and

ppgI’ve been listening to Into the Woods for the last couple of weeks. (Ever since the buckets posting) The following is another of my favorite Sondheim creations. And the title is a line from this word-play.

Must it all be either less or more
Either plain or grand

Is it always “or”
Is it never “and”

This is my first effort at taking pictures at night. I’m on the South Side, at Station Square, and the image is of the main tower at PPG Place.

And up to now, I’ve relied on the built-in light-meter and my judgement to shoot, but with night photography, I have to deal much more with the technology of the camera. Last night, after getting the aperture and and shutter speed I wanted, I began to experiment with White Balance settings and discovered that it can add a sheen to the overall image. However, didn’t like what the various adjustments produced, so I’m gonna stay with an auto setting for the White Balance.

And until I have a better sense of how to set up a pic at night, I’m going to have to work from a set of steps that I write down.