4 – making soppressatasunrise – 7:41, sunset – 5:20
9 hours and 39 minutes of daylight
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The meat grinder is re-assembled for stuffing. The knife and extruding plate are removed and a funnel is attached. The large funnel is for soppressata. My dad was up early tying one end of the casings. In the bowl are 13 other tied casings. He puts in the orange peel to mask the intestine smell. In the image on the right, he and Rick are tying the other end of the soppressata. This end has an extra long string so that the soppressata can be hung up. (And my dad, being the ultimate utilitarian, hung a spool of string from the ceiling. The string in the middle of the pic is from the spool. It’s out of the way, but easily accessible.)