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11 hours and 06 minutes of daylight

The area below the railroad tracks and above Lakeshore Road and between Trafalgar Road and Ford Drive is the most desirable section of Oakville. The area is chuck-full of millennials and their elders.

The area north of the tracks is full of cookie-cutter homes; the strip south of Lakeshore is reserved for the one-percents; and west of Trafalgar is full of older homes and families who have lived in the community for generations.


Trending in the AAA enclave is french-provincial – the mcmansion on the right. Realtors and their surrogates are buying up existing homes, tearing them down and putting up monstrosities sheathed in Loire-Valley ribbing. And the millennials are scarfing them up. So what, they have a $5,000,000 price-tag and you can touch your neighbors’ side-wall; the area is free of undesirables. At Whole Foods on Cornwall Road, I overheard the following comment: “It’s people like us.” The speaker was referring to her neighbors.

The building on the left is Canadian vernacular. And along the Trafalgar dividing line there are many examples of simple homes. They are unpretentious and hark back to a time of modest means and hard work.

The faux mcmansions won’t make it to the next tend. After-all, the price tag is based on the absence of the undesirables not the quality of the construction or the beauty of the architecture. And soon the arched windows and the mansard roofs with be passé.
23 days till spring