the queen’s bathkaua’i 2016 – 4th entry
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q-bathThis is the first blog-category that I’ve featured people in 4 of the 5 posts. Am I just getting old? I think it’s more about having featured the locations in previous Kaua’i posts and it’s natural to focus on the people. (L to R – Dom, Rose, Derrick, Alyssa, Mary, Mario. And none of the men are wearing sun-glasses.)

The Queen’s Bath always attracts the strange and stupid. This morning there was a family with 4 kids and a puppy. The kids were running over the black-lava rocks barefoot; the poor puppy had to make his way around the pools, over the boulders with no one near to help or guide him. The parents were huddle together looking at an iPhone oblivious of their kids, of their pet; they laughed together at some inane item on the device as their kids roamed all over the rocks. The imbecile award goes to another family who came down with snorkel equipment and pride in their stupidity. The ocean screamed danger, but they were pissed at the suggestion that it wasn’t safe to go down to the water. I insisted we leave, because I wasn’t interested in watching someone drown. The Queen’s Bath is infamous for the number of people who have drowned off its cliffs. The location is so remote, that any rescue effort is find the body.