the muto women on hanalei baykaua’i 2016 – 1st entry
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the-womenIt’s our second day and we did the walk from the Ka’Eo Kai resort to the fancy St. Regis Hotel. (It’s taken me all this time to finally realize that we are on a ridge.) When we got to the end of the road, we walked down to the water and once at the beach facing Hanalei Bay, we went over the legend of Puff-The-Magic-Dragon.

Mary suggested that the three of them sit on the rock and that I take their pic. (L to R – Mary, Alyssa, Rose. The dragon is above their heads.) Derrick and Dom are off down the beach.

We spent the rest of the afternoon poolside; me drinking Gin-and-tonics, the rest of them downing Mai Tais. Even without the sun, we had a great time laughing and messing with each other.

Tomorrow is the Farmers’ Market and then a rush to find some sun. (I will not go looking for Helios; the beaches of the sun-god is not where I worship.)