pittsburgh – latitude 40.4 o Nsunrise – 5:53, sunset – 8:54 (15 hours and 01 minute of daylight)

harrow – latitude 42.0 o Nsunrise – 6:00, sunset – 9:11 (15 hours and 11 minute of daylight)

sault ste marie – latitude 46.5 o Nsunrise – 5:48, sunset – 9:34 (15 hours and 46 minute of daylight)

blueberriesI keep reminding myself that temperature is not the most important variable in determining agrarian yield. In Harrow it’s its geographical location. The severe weather goes around the Southwestern Ontario peninsula; winter weather skirts the area and dumps its snows on London and Cleveland. In Sault Ste Marie it’s its latitude. Toady, the Sault had 45 more minutes of daylight than Pittsburgh. In Northern Ontario, daylight is the critical variable during a short growing season.

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