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yarrow1The most surprising and at times disturbing aspect of visiting this far north is seeing flowers that in more southern climates thrive and fill pots and gardens here look defective, stunted and out of place. The geraniums are especially stunted. Begonias, petunias and impatience grow scrawny or are totally missing from the landscape. But then dahlias and clematis do amazing well. It’s cold nights and warm soil these renegades need and that combination is here in spades. Also, Gold-yarrow and Burdock are everywhere.

I think the pervasiveness of warm-climate plants and southern housing structures makes the environment contrary. The plants that thrive here – Dandelions, Burdock, Yarrow – are all designated as undesirable and worthy of extermination. Home-owners are encouraged to buy the mass-produced, genetically modified annuals stocked by Home Depot, Walmart and every other discount chain that has invaded the landscape. The idea that native plants can make beautiful gardens and beautiful flower-beds is totally missing. Just like the idea that steep-roofed, easily heated homes work best this far north.

At one time Mother Church controlled the message – you spoke Polish, too bad, the Mass is in Latin. In modern times, corporations decide what we wear, what we eat, what we grow, where we live, how we live. And their vision, just like that of Mother Church, is focused on conformity, standardization and sameness. Best for control, the quarterly-report, the bottom-line.