new shutters

The new shutters give me the option of opening some louvers to let in daylight. The thin blinds that were there could be set to either opened or closed. And because the front windows are right on the sidewalk, the blinds were always closed. The shutters have an upper and lower section and I can open the upper louvers and not sacrifice privacy. This should mean that I don’t have to automatically put on the electric lights in order to see. I also like looking through the upper louvers and seeing the tree in front of the house and the rooftops of the alley-houses in the back. (It’s a surprise to realize that this is the first time in 30 years that I can sit and my desk, in the big downstairs room and see the outside.)

The real surprise is that from the outside, the shutters look plywood like. On first impression, the yellow-pine finish makes it look like the window is boarded up, but the well between the shutters and the glass, and the yellow paint on the sides of the well correct that first impression. The other thing that corrects this first impression is having the louvers point up. This allows interior light to come through.

This is the second image I’ve posted that has a number of items in it that I like. Going from left-to-right – the angels, the Amish dining-room table, the overhead light, the fancy frame on the window and the blue radiator. The contractor is Rick from Blind Doctors.

John, who is the owner of the company and an amateur wine maker, promised me a bottle of his wine. When he came to take measurements, he saw the Terra Cruda/Aliatico wine bottles on the side-board and that got us talking.