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no winter lasts forever and no spring skips its turn

Everyone who’s been hiding from the cold and snow came out today. The 4-mile loop around the manufactured lake was full of joggers, walkers and bikers. It was also the first time I saw two red-tails chasing each other.

hawk facts

  •      Red-tails are striking birds that belong to a group of hawks with broad wings and relatively short tails.
  •      The hawks can ride air currents in lazy circles, using very little energy. The combination of broad wings and short tail makes them
          well-adapted to soaring for hours at a time.
  •     Red-tails construct large, untidy nests made of sticks and twigs. These nests can be found at the top of large trees. 1

All I did was point the camera and shoot and that’s how the above image came about.
1 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette