yes!  breakfast

My mother’s friend Teresa, whose son is getting married this summer, brought these amazing dolci as a thank-you for my mother’s gift for her son’s shower/stag. And Teresa made them all; she has a reputation, among the Calabresi in the Sault, as a great baker.

So, for breakfast, I indulged. (It’s OK to have sweets for breakfast, because you can burn off the calories throughout the day. Every Italian knows that; it’s one of our rules.)

I’ve seen these dolci all my life, but it’s the next generation that has made them bite-size. My mother and her group of friends made the orange peaches, bottom right, the green-yellow pears, top right and the walnuts, top left corner, actual size. (The round white cookie in the bottom left is known as a ginetti and the round brown cookie with an almond in its middle is an amaretti. The two custard cups are new and I didn’t try them. They don’t fit the definition of a Calabrian breakfast.)