milkweed blossom

Yesterday after dinner, I decided to head to North Park to get a walk in. (managed 3.4 miles before the dark descended) The setting sun provided a soft light, bathing the low-lying plant in a delicate palette. With the light sliding through the canopy, I got some amazing shots. The image on the right is as it came out of the camera; I just cropped it to showcase the blossom. The twilight dying the stamens gold just takes my breath away.

I’m getting rid of the fanny-pack. The same problems that I found while in Peru became obvious again. It’s a pain to keep twisting it around to get anything; it holds nothing but my wallet and phone; and because there’s no room, I have to carry everything. Last night, for the last mile, I had my hat and headphones in one hand, the water bottle in the other and my camera over my shoulder. Bad set up. When I finally abandoned the fanny-pack in Aguas Calientes and started using the Inkaterra mini-backpack, carrying things while walking became easier; the camera even fits in the mini-pack.

Also, during the walk, the Beatles’ Can’t Buy Me Love came on and I just wanted to dance. But, it probably would have gotten me picked up; “Officer, there’s an old man thrashing and twisting. I think he’s having a seizure. You should probably send an ambulance.” After cancelling the urge to dance, I thought it would be funny to call Ron and tell him about my need to twist and shout, but even the call got cancelled. Ron is always surprised to hear me say that I’m out walking; it seems that for him walking needs another person. But give me my headphones and my camera and I can walk and walk; and I can even dance in my mind while walking.