driftwood antlers

Another image showing the delicate light of the evening sun. Look at the upper pool; at the glass surface, at the gold shimmer in the water before it spills over the rock-wall. The gold flecks in between the driftwood branches are a spider web catching the fading light. And like the picture of the geese in the previous post, what you see is what came out of the camera. All I did was crop the image. And like the geese picture, the light is coming from the right.

The dam is at the cross-over from Lake Shore Drive to the paddle and tennis courts, the zip line and the boathouse. And the dam is on the north fork of Pine Creek. I shot the driftwood from the small bridge that crosses the creek. The extra 100mm on the Tamron lens gave me enough of a close-up to both capture the image and render the driftwood surreal – a submerged prehistoric Megaloceros.

Also, it’s only when I’m reviewing the images that I get to see the amazing effects of the evening light; and at that point, in the post-production, it’s a total surprise.