winter rose

My complaint is less about the snow and more about the facts that I haven’t seen the sun in two-and-a-half weeks and that it’s been raining non-stop. (The last time I was able to go walking was back in early November.)

I’m slowly learning how to use the new camera with its 47.5 MP resolution; the image on the right was taken with the new camera and its unique 24-70mm Z-mount lens.

This is also the time to bring in all the summer stuff – chairs, tables, pots – and the weather has really hampered the process – I keep bringing things in that are wet or snow-covered.

The last winter-prep I need to do is wrap the fig tree. This year, I’ve decided to use roofing tar-paper and see if it keeps the branches from freezing. Roof-paper and duck-tape – what can go wrong?