solstice moon

The image is by Luigi Tuoto and it was posted on the Facebook page of Fuscaldo e le Sua Terra, a hill-town in Calabria north of Paola on the Tyrrhenian coast.

The following post accompanied the picture.
Una bella vista del Convento di S.Francesco di Paola di Fuscaldo paese con la luna pronta al solstizio d’inverno (21 dicembre) che fa registrare la notte più lunga e il giorno più breve dell’annoa beautiful vista of the Convent of St. Francis of Paola in the town of Fuscaldo with the moon ready for the Winter Solstice (December 21) which will mark the longest night and the shortest day of the year

Some interesting language differnces
 Fuscaldo paese – Fuscaldo town
This is to distinguish between Fuscaldo the hill-town and Marina di Fuscaldo the beach-town below on the Tyrrhenian coast.
 (21 dicembre) – December 21
In Italian, the numerical date is written first and then the month; also the month is not capitalized.
 che fa registrare – that will register
The verb register is used in American-English more as a legal term therefore, I translated the phrase using the verb mark.

I photoshopped Luigi Tuoto’s original image, because I wanted to focus on the structure at the top of the hill. And, I wanted to contrast the russet-browns of Calabria with the insipid white-christmas of America. The convent also reminds me of the Spanish mission in Kill Bill: Vol. 1  where The Bride  is spectacularly gunned down and presumed dead. A false assumption similar to the lie of  peace on earth and goodwill to men  when the reality of  this holy tide of Christmas-2018  is a world gone mad.