The last week had me fly to Northern Ontario; visit with my mom; meet with her rehabilitation team; deal with the first snow-storm of the season; negotiate the roads and streets of a town drenched in six-inches of snow; visit with Franchino; and finally come home.

I was totally unprepared for the weather. WTF, it’s early November. (my only concession was to bring a knit, in-between Canada Goose jacket. and even with that, I risked being mocked by the ‘manly’ Canadians.) Besides the snow, it was freezing. Parking lots and streets were treated with sand, it was too cold for salt. And by the afternoon, walking anywhere meant sloshing through dirty, sand covered melt.

The image on the right came about because I was pruning the bay-leaf I had brought in for the season. Didn’t want to throw away the stem I had cut, so decided to put on my desk as counter programming to the coming of winter.

The Objects
– tile from Deruta that I use as a coaster
– tin cup is from the gift-shop at The McMichael in Kleinburg, Ontario
– light-bulb-and-base is an industrial table-lamp
– oval mirror is IKEA’s best
– bay-leaf stem
– glass bottle – truly vintage (it comes from Paul’s grandparents’ house in Wilmerding, PA)
– and a brushed-steel cell-phone stand