It’s the interim between the End-of February, Daylight-Savings-Time and the Spring-Equinox. It’s the interregnum between Winter’s icy grip and Spring’s opening fist.

It’s the day after Super Tuesday and Senator Sanders didn’t see the swell of new and young voters running to his cause. Rather it was the old Democratic voters who turned out in record numbers to vote for the other ‘old man’ – Joe Biden.

Jon Meacham, presidential historian, made some amazing comments about what happened on on Super Tuesday.

  • it’s a vote for normalcy, an old phrase from the 1920s
  • there still a resilient core of American voters who believe in the basic American project, the basis American experiment that we are all created equal
  • and that even though we don’t always live up to it, we’ve never before actively walked away from it either until recent years
  • there was a right and a wrong path on slavery, on Hitler, on the Cold War, on Civil Rights
  • we have prospered most in this country … when we’ve had leadership that has basically represented the idea that if we are generous, if we are forward leaning, if we are opened armed as opposed to closed fisted, then we tend to prosper
  • people are very interested in returning to a coherent conversation about the country … without blowing up the fundamental infrastructure of liberty and prosperity

The tulips are in a watering can on top of the radiator.