North Park was full of walkers – even an a morning when the mercury hit 87 before noon – and no one was wearing masks.
I got in a 2-mile walk before heading home.

The above image is of a fallen log – the reflection and haziness are what I liked best.

According to Amazon, I’ve reading non-stop since January 1, 2020. Don’t understand why that’s worth recording. And in the course of my reading, I’ve lifted the following quotes from the various books.

Nothing is impossible at seventeen. The world lays open like a giant buffet of possibilities. Seventeen is bulletproof. Seventeen is Superman with no kryptonite. Seventeen is fast cars, raging hormones, loud music and instant infatuation. Seventeen is fuckin’ amazing.

Time folds in on itself.

Tell me again how we fell in love.
It was during the smaller moments in our lives … and all the spaces in between.

He latched onto it, trying to anchor himself, only to be caught by an eddy of questions and suppositions.

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice
TS Elliot

What is amiss, plague and infection mend.
Timon of Athens