why do you stand by the window
abandoned to beauty and pride
. . .
lost in the rages of fragrance
lost in the rags of remorse
. . .
and come forth from the cloud of unknowing
and kiss the cheek of the moon
. . .
and leave no word of discomfort
and leave no observer to mourn

Sunday, Sarah and I did the 5-mile loop around the man-made lake in North Park.
The above pic is from the Demonstration Garden at Babcock and Ingomar. (I need to go back and get the name of the plant.)

Because I got some great shots at the Garden, I’m trying something new – embedding large images into a post. Pictures this large have always been reserved for the homepage slide-show or the galleries; I wanted to see what a post full of images looks like. (The Featured image on the homepage that links to this post is also from the Garden.)

All I did was crop the three large images – 1200px X 500px.