For the first time since 1968, I am not in Sault Ste Marie for Christmas.
I am at home.

I’m living in Narragansett, Rhode Island and Brother John Veale, our Director of Novices, decided that we could go home on December 26.
(I did miss the two major holidays meals – the traditional Calabrese Christmas Eve meal and Canadian hybrid Christmas Day dinner.)

Paul and I had decided to leave New York City and move to Pittsburgh. And given that it would be our last Christmas in the City, I decided not to travel for the holidays.

My sister Jo’ had died at the end of June and I really didn’t want to be in Sault Ste Marie for Christmas. (We each mourn in our own way.)
Rick and Sarah suggested a trip to Israel and I was onboard.
(I remember calling my mother, on December 26 – the feast of St. Stephen –  to tell her I was at St. Stephen’s Gate in Jerusalem. Our frazione/neighborhood/parish in Aprigliano was Santo Stefano.)

The border with Canada is closed. Them Canadians are smart to keep us COVID deniers out; to keep us no-mask fools out of their country.
The Ontario government has issued a lockdown as of 12:01am December 26 – they are trying to prevent what happened in America after the Thanksgiving travel-and-spread.


I’ve been collecting Italian Christmas cards for years.
The image above is one of my favorites. Love its simplicity. The featured-image is another card in the same style.
Also, love being in my own home for the holidays; and I love not celebrating Christmas.
Are we finally able to define ‘family’ as something other than our DNA group; as something other than our husbands and wives?