in royal

david’s city

The carol Once In Royal David’s City is a favorite, but it hits-you-over-the-head with its English syntax and its Anglo message.
               And through all His wondrous childhood
               He would honour and obey,
               Love and watch the lowly maiden,
               In whose gentle arms He lay:
               Christian children all must be
               Mild, obedient, good as He.

Tell me that the above stanza isn’t a description of how British children should behave. And in the land of severe class assignments and proper behavior, having a Christmas carol that preaches the ‘party-line’ can’t be a surprise.

Royal David – OMG
But in Oakville, the most English of Toronto’s suburbs, there’s Royal Windsor Drive.
And from the Property Portal come the following: Streets with regal or titled names such as Royal, Palace, Lord and Bishop can boost the value of homes lining their pavements.


The title Christmas head-space came from a text exchange with a friend. He began talking climate change and I answered that I couldn’t think about that right now, I was still in my Christmas head-space.
I had to explain that the term has NOTHING to do with belief. The Christian myths surrounding the season, to me, are just that – myths.
However, I do like the music. Wait, let me qualify that. I like the music associated with the Christian myths; the commercial American carols are not interesting. Sorry Rudolph, sorry Halls, sorry Bells, sorry Frosty …