On this the 12th day of Christmas, the feat of La Befana and the day that right-wing terrorists stormed the US Capital, I wanted to use the wonderful note, from 1922, written by the young Marco. (I love the old fashion cursive.)

In the note, the young-man is writing to his dad and his mom – Babbo, Mamma. And in it, he prays that the child born in Bethlehem, will help end the war; that the child born in Bethlehem help the many wounded and imprisoned soldiers.
It’s an amazing sentiment that still rings true some hundred years later.

And to commemorate La Befana, I used a drawing of the ‘old hag’ from another antique card, as the featured image for this post.
Growing up in Aprigliano, in the early 50s, our stockings were filled for the feat of the Epiphany, when the Magi came to the stable bearing gifts. December 24 and December 25 were occasions for family and friends, for Christmas Eve dinner with Midnight Mass. We got gifts on January 6, and they were brought to us by La Befana.

Today, with the feat of the Epiphany, the Christmas Season ends.