I left my house at 7:15 this morning and trudged through unplowed streets and sidewalks lost in snow to get to Allegheny General for my COVID vaccination.
It’s normally a 10 minute walk, but this morning it took me 20. The next task was to find where the vaccine was being administered and given the complexity of the campus that took some time. But I still got to the location by 8:40 and I was sixth in line.

And now the antics …

  • A clerk came into the hallway and announced that because of the snow storm, their volunteers were running late and therefore they would start the vaccinations a bit after 8:00.
  • And one of the people in front of me – an old, fat white man – went off. You would think that some great injustice had been visited upon him. He just kept running-at-the-mouth about how this was all unacceptable. (OMG – are old, fat, white men the new face of the whiny-bitch?)
  • The same clerk who announced the delay shortly come back and called in the first four. And 4, old, skinny, white women with helmet-shaped bleached-hair rushed in, leaving the black-woman and the black-man who were first and third in line in their wake. (A Lord of the Flies moment if there ever was one.)
1. The winter landscape, at the top, is from a FB post. It’s the northern section of Aprigliano.
2. The featured-image – the post thumbnail on the main-page – is by American artist Eyvind Earle.
   (Earle drew Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.)