The above images, specifically the one on the right, was re-shot.
(First of all, I don’t like either of the two images in the composite. But I decided to use them because they record the changes I’m making. Am hoping to shoot a second set of after pictures – on the right – tomorrow morning and deal with the blow-out and shadows.)
Given the great weather, I decided to clean up the rock-garden and in the process decided to get rid of all the various shelves and under-pinning. (Buried under the various post were 7 large cinder-block, 6 square cinder-blocks and at least a dozen bricks and pavers.) Also, I wanted to showcase the ceramic pots, Wright’s Native American and the ornamental grasses that have finally filled out; and that meant re-thinking the entire layout.
The end result is a more streamlined rock-garden and a whole new planting on the left-side. (More on that later.)

Monday, March 23, 2021

I began work on the backyard on Friday; today is Monday. I easily put in 6 to 8 hours a day.
The final modifications have produced two very distinct gardens; note – the middle image is from Friday:
– the planting on the right will be full of annuals
– on the left, I’ve begun a Zen garden.
All three images are from my phone camera.