Another list

there are two words that are much more interesting in Italian than in English – the Italian for sunflower – girasole, and the Italian for snowdrop – bucaneve
girasole literally means – turns with the sun
bucaneve literally means – cuts through the snow
and staying with the theme that some things work better in their Italian versions; I like Sececa’s quote on fortune/luck in its Italian translation. La fortuna non esiste: esiste il momento in cui il talento incontra l’occasione. (fortune or luck don’t exist: what exists if the moment when talent meets an opportunity) 

don’t know if I’m remembering right, but it seems to me that other years, the bucaneve were already out by now
and when the snowdrops do come up, there are never as many as I thought I planted
in Europe, you can buy snowdrop plants and that way you know where to put them in a garden
winter will be done in 23 days, 21 hours, 8 minutes and 19 seconds
February has been a volatile month – we’ve gone from temps in the 60s to temps in the low teens
it’s hard to believe that spring is closer than it’s ever been

– the image above was taken by Gabriele Bistoletti
– the featured image for this post is from online