into battle


It’s been a while since I just did a list of random thoughts:

  • TV, particularly 24/7 cable news, needs to be shut down – yes, yes I know the first amendment!!!
  • cable news, and TV in general, provide a bubble to live in and many have opted for that hill-top village
  • the other night Trevor Noah said it best, ‘if cable news, with its endless trump-coverage, is chasing ratings, then be up front about it’
  • in olden times, geography isolated us, today TV and social-media provide the segregation
  • movies, sports, comedians, authors, artists have all been supplanted by cable news hosts; these hosts are the stars of today
  • America and all first-world countries, have reached a peak in living standards never before realized and we are determined to hold on to our vapes, our gas-guzzlers, our avocados – fuck democracy, fuck rights, fuck sovereignty, fuck the planet
  • the more I see, read and hear, the more convinced I am that a global conflict is coming
  • Steven Spielberg is one of the most over-rated directors; he is not in the same league as Hitchcock, Fellini, Coppola, Scorsese, Bertolucci, Kubrick …
  • the Italians hung Mussolini upside down from a gas-station roof-beam in Milan; the country is no better off, regarding its criminals and corruption, than countries that didn’t bring their war monsters to justice
  • my generation needs to get off the god-damn stage like NOW; millennials, and the fifty-year-olds need a turn
  • given that my generation wont participate in a peaceful transfer of power, y’all need to grab it from us – I’m on your side in this battle


The thumbnail leading to this post on the homepage is of the post-and-rail fences at Gettysburg;
and the above image is of the sculpture atop the Pennsylvania memorial at the Civil War battlefield.