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Places – Galleries      panarea2[Traverse City 2010     St. Joe’s Island 2010     Maine 2009]
Kaua’i 2011*     Narrangansett 2011*     Le Marche 2011*     Santo Stefano     North Side
Sault Ste Marie     Pittsburgh in Spring     Oakland, PA     Calabria, 2006     Umbria 2007
Cemeteries – Galleries cemeteries
[Cimitero – Aprigliano
     Prospect C. – The Men     Prospect C. – The Women]     Allegheny Cemetery
West View Cemetery     St. Vincent Cemetery     St. Joseph Cemetery1     St. Joseph Cemetery2
Flowers – Galleries bw
[Summer 2009
     Spring 2009 – Pittsburgh]     My Garden 2008      Phipps Conservatory
People – Galleries yarnball2a
[Shadows 2010
     Calabrese 2009     Calabrese 2006/2007]     Christmas 2010*
Mario- Old Pictures*     The Perri Women*     My Male Relatives*
Structures – Galleries structures8
[Rocks of Lake Superior
     Bridges     Maine Steeples]     Homestead, PA
Silhoettes     Pittsburgh Steeples     Pittsburgh Summer 2008     Winter 2008