24 Apr 2017
April 24, 2017

essay – 16
Monday, April 24, 2017
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did judas iscariot have god on his side – draft

American, at this instance, is often referred to as decadent, greedy, tapped-out, self-indulgent, old, fat; and I think all those descriptors hit an element, but the characteristic that captures our attitude and our motivation best is meanness. A Republican presidential primary that traded in meanness continued into a general election that delivered meanness upon meanness. And this nasty behavior continues. What adjective would you use to describe a health-care bill that would strip 24,000,000 poor and old people of their benefit?

The question I want to explore in this essay is why are we being mean? I include Democrats and Liberals in the we, because they too are being nasty; it’s just not as obvious because they are covering their meanness in self-righteousness. If they were not being mean, then they would be offering alternatives to what is being presented by the Republican Party.

Globally, we have glaring examples of mean:

  1. Brexit
  2. The ascendancy of the National Front in France
  3. The Election of Donald Trump in the United States
  4. The rule of Vladimir Putin in Russia
  5. The dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and
  6. The dictatorship of Kim Jong-un in North Korea
  7. The economic collapse of Venezuela

Reason One – Culling
Have we as a species over-extended ourselves; are there too many of us on the planet? Are we genetically programmed to destroy other humans when there are too many mouths to feed; when there are too many children to support; when there are too many old people still alive? Are congested highways, teeming cities, long lines, massive migrations triggers that elicit anger, meanness? Or are they inhibitors that suppress empathy and compassion? Are we predisposed to war, because it culls the human race?

Reason Two – Getting Ready for a World War
History wants to reduce complex human actions to a single event and then attribute monumental significance to that event – the assassination of an archduke starting a world war, the invasion of Poland starting another world war. But focusing on single events stops us from looking at what humans were doing, how they were behaving, what attitudes they were sporting the months and the years just prior to the outbreak of war.

Getting a people to the point where war is an acceptable action takes a lot of time and work. The rational mind, the healthy mind doesn’t automatically go to conflict as the solution. If we look at kids who engage in conflict, we discover a human being, who in his/her short life, has been dealing with trauma, abuse, abandonment, addiction all sorts of deprivations. There is untold research that points to the fact that parents who were abused will in turn abuse their own children; that addiction has a genetic marker. I believe that getting a society ready for conflict, the leaders of that society have to abuse their citizens; they have to put their citizens through traumatic experiences; they have to feed their citizens propaganda, that will result in the same type of personality disorder that alcohol, drugs, sugar, and processed foods produce.

Reason Three – Hyper Competition

Reason Four – Glorification of Violence

Reason Five – Capitalism – War as Commodity