The image on the left is Za Peppina, Zu Grabiele and young Grabiele. It’s the same gate as in the picture below.

I saw young Grabiele years ago when he first came to Canada. We met in the Toronto subway. I remember us sitting in the train. I also remember him telling me he was studying to be an architect.
(In Canada he goes by Gabe.)

The image on the right is Zu Grabiele, Za Peppina and young Giuseppina. At this age, Giuseppina looks like her mother. (This is my favorite picture of Za Peppina.) What is the plant in the plastic pot on the whicker seat of the old kitchen chair?

My mom was asking me if I was at Giuseppina’s wedding. I have no memory of seeing Giuseppina in Canada. And I don’t remember her when we were kids growing up in Aprigliano. I think I was gone from Calabria by the time Giuseppina was born.