Jan1 032
Capodanno is New Year, literally – beginning of the year.
Decided to take a walk – North Side to Downtown and back. The skies are gray, not a hint of sun. (Don’t think this is much different than up north in Sault Ste Marie, but it all feels less claustrophobic. I have not been able to figure out why it all feels so close up north. It must be psychological and experienced emotionally.) Took a bunch of pics and kept having to use a large open aperture to compensate for the gray.

I found the New Year’s hat in the snow on Federal Street across from PNC Park. The brim on the right was ripped off and on the sidewalk. New Years festivities are such a constrast to Christmas. Christmas is family and presents. New Years is strangers and indulgence. There is a great expression in Italian – Natale con i tuoi, Capodanno con chi vuoi. Christmas with your family, New Years with whom you want.