valentine2013The cards and gifts of Valentine’s Day.
You’re looking at my desk, shelving, printer table and floor overwhelmed with stuff.

The highlights:
– over 50 cards
– a candy-box in velvet
– a Text-me pillow
– a hedgehog teddy-bear
– a white ceramic box
– heart decorated coasters
– heart bubble wands
– paper-airplane kits
– heart streamers
– heart-shaped ornaments
– three candy dishes
– huge butterfly glass dish
– a primrose plant and
– a Justin Bieber card – It’s all in the attitude. And the eyes. Definetely the eyes.

St. Valentine was martyred north of Rome on the Via Flaminia. In our time, on a daily basis, we drive the SP3 following Gaius Flaminius’ ancient route through Le Marche.