March has to be one of the most contrarian months of the year with hope and dread vying for attention. (Even the soothsayer gave warning.) Half-way through and we’ve had 600 and 200 weather all in the span of a week. During the 600 lull, and before the warning, I walked downtown and stopped at PNC Park and shot the 1949 brick-marker.
March-13 031

The marker is personal after all I was born at the beginning of that year. And, I’ve want to do a journal entry around it. So, I decided to do a critical events list of 1949 with the day-of-the-week as the lead. Now to find the contradictions…

Saturday, January 1 (new year’s day); Saturday, July 2 (film – fountainhead – released); Sunday, December 25 (christmas); Monday, January 3 (mario born); Monday, March 28 (ciccio’s b-day); Monday, April 4 (NATO treaty signed); Tuesday, March 15 (beware the ides of march); Wednesday, March 2 (mafalda’s b-day); Wednesday, June 8 (orwell’s 1984 published); Thursday, October 27 (francesco’s b-day);
Friday, January 21 (rainer’s b-day); Friday, July 1 (membership in a communist party meant excommunication).