DSC_1839Oh, make-believe town,
Oh make-believe town is a mess.
It’s a mess because all the animals talk;
It’s a mess because they all draw with chalk;
It’s a mess because all the hunting hounds
go no more a-hunting, a-hunting, a-hunting.

The neighborhood children spent the hot humid hours, drawing on all the sidewalks on this side of the street. (The tableau included many other items, but nothing as distinct as this drawing.) And I had just purchased Make-Believe Town from the Peter Paul and Mommy album, so I went out and shot the side-walk art. As the adult/spectator, I want to know: why is the left leg and the space in between pink; is he wearing a hat; is that a dollar sigh on his shirt; why does he have only six fingers, but two thumbs? And why can’t I draw with big fat chalk on the sidewalk? Because I would pick yellow and blue chalk for my figures. But I may have answered my own questions with that initial identifier.