begonia, basil, rosemary, eggplant, sweet-potato, marbles, a brass butterfly, and red caladium

garden4I went out this morning hoping to get some images of plants dripping with dew, but the light wasn’t right and instead I shot down into the flower-bed and surprise surprise some decent images emerged. (I was standing on a stool aiming at the ground. And the spots on the Caladium leaves are rain drops.) The eggplant listed in the title is the darker green leaf in the top far right. The lighter green is the sweet-potato vine.

The website columns got re-sized. I like the huge images in the slide-show; I’ll have to see what it looks like on my laptop screen. And I’ll get to do that later in the week when I am in Canada working on it instead of the 27″ HD screen. The images in the slide-show are flowers from the urban garden on Sherman Avenue. The industrious Northsiders or should I say War-Streeters have turned the empty lots into garden plots; not too many vegetables, but lots and lots of flowers. (I’ve learned to avoid using images of flowers in the red spectrum. The reds just blend in with the header and I lose the distinct contrasts.)

This is the first Sunday where I’m reminding myself that tomorrow I do not have to get up and go to my office. (I never minding going to work, it just meant that for the next 5 days my schedule was not my own.)